Malene Landgreen, new collection


A new collection of 8 editions original lithoprints
Printed on 300 g. Velin d’Arches paper
Size: 70 x 50 cm
Each edition of 40 is signed by the artist

We just received  eight new original Malene Landgreen lithoprints from the masterprinters at Copenhagen editions.
In These new works, Malene Landgreen investigates space-color relations in connection with basic design patterns of geometric forms that set up a vibrant interaction of color and rhythm. The eight  compositions juxtaposes rectangular geometric forms and circles with more fluid curved shapes than we normally see in Malens work. A technique she has developed with her recent paintings on paper. These rarely seen paintings on paper reflect Landgreen’s painterly process and is considered by the artist to be equal to her large-scale paintings. in these prints landgreen creates an overwhelming impression of brilliant color and movement.