120x160 cm, original lithograph and linocut



Landgreen´s  new Lithograph and linocut print edition features a basic structure that, pushes and pulls space with the use of a limited amount of contrasting color values. In this work Landgreen introduces laborious circular and geometric linocut structures but also gestures of lyrical, organic, transparent and material expression that evokes her paintings.



This  lithograph is made by the master printers from Copenhagen Editions Lithographic workshop in a limited edition of 40, Numbered and signed by the artist

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The release of this lithograph and linocut coincides with the completion of the new super large In Situ work ‘Passage’, two walls in the interior tower in the new Rigshospitalet. Denmark’s international hospital. completed, Autum 2019

Each work approximately 40 by 10 meters.The works occupy an entire tower, a large space that the spectator has to walk through in order to engage fully with the work. Exceptional in its size and its visibility and use of architectural space, the works extends and spread like waves of time and space, fragmenting and recomposing the geometry of the walls on the towers.

Malene Landgreen speaks about her use use of architectural space relation to painting in a interview with Katya Sander1
“language and architecture plays an important role for me. Sometimes it makes sense to understand certain spatial relations or buildings as gigantic ‘seeing machines’ as opposed to Le Corbusier’s idea of the house as a ‘living-machine’. Since I operate with and relate to the physical architecture as a starting point, I believe I can offer new or other mental ‘spaces’ in the space. Or in other words, I think that the abstract/mental space is directly connected to an elaboration of an architectural form. I see art not only as part of architecture but also architecture as a dependent part of the artwork“.

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