Birgit Kristensen's glazed and lustered earthenware figures evokes a long history of decorative arts – even if their sloppy-looking construction defiantly embraces a more lowly vocabulary. These earthenware figures, at the same time whimsical and slightly sinister, radiates an exuberant, unbridled immediacy. This unfettered approach is essentially relatable to our shared human experience.
The characters appear as instinctive beings, conveying both strength and vulnerability.



About Birgit Kristensen: Born 1954, Autodidact

Birgit Kristensens fascination with clay is long-standing. Already from a young age she frequented various trained ceramists and learned a lot about the properties of clay and glazes. More recently, she has been running the Birgit Kristensen Ceramic Workshop.

 Birgit Kristensen describes her work: Scholars suggest that birds are really metaphors for humans. A friend once claimed that they look like me, which is an oversimplification in any case, since in the name of diversity and biodiversity they go in many directions. That is part of the magic.