Born in 1962.
Lives and works in Copenhagen and Berlin.

Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen
Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest.

Malene Landgreen works with painting in an ‘extended field’, as it has been referred to. She radically surpasses the frame or doesn’t use a frame at all, but paints directly onto the walls and floors.
She is among her generation’s most viewed artists in the sense that most Danish citizens have experienced her public In situ works.
Landgreens work is playfully investigating the boundaries between art, architecture and design.

 Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, 2019

With simple tools and powerful colors, Landgreen has created significant transformations of architectural spaces among others Aalborg Airport, Vestforbraending - Denmark’s largest waste management and energy company, Novo Nordisk, Frederiksberg Gymnasium, DR -Byen (National television), the New Post Terminal in Oslo, Aarhus University, iNANO Facult, the Psychiatric Hospital in Slagelse and Rigshospitalet.

Landgreen’s manipulation  of  existing  architecture,  through  large scale  installations,  invites to  physical  engagement. By focusing on the intersection between body and space, Malene Landgreen’s paintings constitute a suggestion of a bridge between the painting and the performative body.

Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, 2019


2014 Municipality of Egedal

Aalborg Airport In situ glassworks 2001

In situ, Wall painting House Carmel, Aarhus 2018


 Kirkebjerg School, 2015

Stage curtain, Aalborg Hallen 2012

About Malene Landgreen’s Graphic work with litho- and linoprint
Malene Landgreen’s Graphic works parallels her painting and In Situ work.
Her prints has a basic structure that experimentally varies within the series. In these works, space pushes and pulls with the use of a limited amount of contrasting color values.
In her prints, Landgreen introduces laborious geometric structures but also gestures of lyrical, organic, transparent and material expression that evokes her paintings


Landgreen have designed and produced her lithograph’s with the assistance of the master printers from Copenhagen Editions Lithographic workshop and Hostrup-Pedersen & Johansen Lithographic studio for the last 15 years.
Landgreen’s paintings, artworks and editions are predominantly exhibited in Denmark, Germany, and United States.

Her work is represented in the collection of :Ny Carlsbergfondet, The Danish Art Foundation, The National Museum of Art, Køge Skitsesamling- KØS, Skive Kunstmuseum and at AROS.

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Malene Landgreen | Artistic Reality from Statens Værksteder for Kunst on Vimeo.