Pernille With Madsen

Lucky-Editions is proud to present a series of new new prints by Danish artist Pernille With Madsen (b. 1972), made in collaboration with Lucky-Editions

Pernille With-Madsen has over two decades developed a diverse practice that refuses to be contained within the confines of contemporary art and instead aligns itself within popular culture. In her practise she often plays with mirrors and optical illusions that create the impression of infinite depth. Mirrors and optical illusions that are variously transparent or reflective force the viewer into a participatory role.
With-Madsen describes her work: I see them as effects rather than motifs.
My works is about ...“staging the collapse between past and future times, between Utopia and its contemporary ruins, between analog and digital technologies. The works reflect how our perception follows certain patterns through different technological formats and can be trans-formed in space and time.“
In (title ?) She squeezes aluminium foil into elongated structures, these structures use juxtaposition or collision combined with a mixture pasted together from clay, computer screen, tape, projector light, and architectural elements, to create shapes, which she photographs and juxtaposes, with nonprecious materials such as trash, paper, and Styrofoam.
These styrofoam and aluminum foil shapes are again captured in a single shot photography and printed on mirror foil as. ... a mash up/overlay of representations until they reach a level of mere effect in a sense of delirious, disturbing and pleasureable visuality. As one moves around the prints, its mirror on mirror finish offers a variety of reflections, depending on the lightsource. The once two dimensional image immediately becomes sculptural, encourages interactions and creates face to face encounters. An effect that catapult the viewer far beyond their original dimension because of their simultaneous connection and disconnection with reality, instigating a moment of reflection in the viewer – a sense of the uncanny.
These works investigate the complex relationship between the art object and its viewer, providing a cross-section of the diversity of With-Madsens’s practice and highlighting the artist’s unique interaction with her audience through her projects.

About Pernille With Madsen