About Claus Carstensen


Claus Carstensen (b. 1957 DK)

1977-1983 The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen
1979-1983 The Department of Comparative Literature, University of Copenhagen
1981-1983 Copenhagen Circle of Semiotics
1986-1993 lives and works in Cologne, Germany
1993-2002 Professor at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen

Claus Carstensen held a major retrospective exhibition, What’s Left (Is Republican Paint) – Nine Sisters, at ARoS – Aarhus Art Museum in 2015 (catalogue: Eds. Claus Carstensen & Maria Kappel Blegvad: What’s Left (Is Republican Paint) – Nine Sisters, 200 pp., ARoS 2015).

2010-15 he executed a curatorial exorcism entitled Shibboleth – 76 by-appointment-only shows at his studio, drawn from his collection of works by other artists. Parts of these shows were shown in an extended dialogue with the permanent collection of Esbjerg Art Museum in 2015. Shibboleth, a 552 pp. catalogue documenting all 76 Shibboleth shows, was published in 2017 by Esbjerg Art Museum.

In 2016 a major site specific commission of five life size bronze figures, Doing Time / Critical Mass, was installed at the high security prison Storstrøm Fængsel.

Carstensen was the curator of the transhistorical show Becoming Animal at Den Frie in Copenhagen (catalogue: Ed. Claus Carstensen, Thea Rydal & Jens Tang Kristensen: Becoming Animal, 288 pp. Hatje Cantz 2018). A show he also contributed to as an artist and a collector.   

Besides a large number of artist books and exhibition catalogues he has published 15 collections of poetry, five essay collections and four anthologies.

About Claus Carstensen’s lithographic prints:

Most of Claus Carstensen’s lithographic works presented in the Lucky-Edition collection is made in collaboration with the Faroese lithographic workshop, Steinprent, situated in the old factory Öströms by the harbor in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands.

The collaboration between Claus Carstensen and Steinprent, which has lasted for eighteen years so far, is weighty and significant. So far, it has resulted in numerous shows and over one hundred lithographic works, as well as several book releases, e.g. Dét, hvorom man hverken kan tale ellar tie and Lille dæmonologi with essays by Søren Ulrik Thomsen and Carstensen’s heliographic prints.

Claus Carstensen lives and works in Copenhagen

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