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Eva Koch

Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Eva Koch’s art is often place-specific and interactive. Her works are about communication and the shared human experience, often expressed in a sensuous and simple language where image and word merge.

Koch’s video works are often large installations. Sometimes she places the camera in the centre, placing also the viewer in the middle of a story – of a moving image without beginning or end, sucking the viewer in to contemplate its meanings.

Through reflections on her own and on other people’s life, Koch shows that the universal and the personal are not opposed spheres but that one contains the other. This quality makes her work perhaps unusually accessible within a contemporary art context.

Eva Koch’s sculptural installations also relate in scale to the body. From an almost invisibly work like the Mind the Gap-sound installation to the Earth Sculpture, Lyshøjen, Denmark’s largest sculpture near the city of Esbjerg made in in collaboration with landscape architect Steen Høyer: created out of 800,000 cubic meters of earth it’s become a very visible landmark in the West Jutland landscape.
Outside Denmark, Koch has exhibited in Europe, Equador, and Australia amongst other places. She participated in the Venice Biennale in 2003 and 2005 and in the Sydney Biennale in 2014.

Her anchoring in a sculpture tradition combined with the desire, ability and struggle to conquer new forms of expression make Eva Koch stands out as a clear, seriously working visual storyteller with a focus on the human - in the midst of art’s maelstrom of troubled images.