Malene Landgreen, The MolotovCopyMixSeries

two limited editions.

Size: 50 x 42 cm

R edition:  21 prints.
G edition: 27 prints

Printed on 240 g. Archival quality paper
Landgreen has given each print a unique character by adding Individual handpainted details with acrylic markers.

This limited print edition has a basic structure that varies when Landgreen adds individual details with acrylic markers using of a limited amount of contrasting color values.  Gestures of lyrical, organic, transparent and material expression pushes and pulls the white space, suggesting a bridge between the work and the performative body.


by juxtaposing  two or more works from the MolotovCopyMixSeries, the serial structures interact and reinforce each other’s presence and qualities creating a multitude of new narratives and interpretations.
We will therefore strongly encourage you to purchase at least two works by offering a 25% discount if you purchase more than one work from the series.
The discount will appear on the checkout page.