About Kim Lykke


Kim Lykke,

Born in Copenhagen 1960.

Founder and Director, Lucky-Editions


Philosopher (MA) in Philosophy and Aesthetics from the University of Copenhagen, Graphic designer, Artist

Through his envolvement with the punk scene in the early 80s, (bassplayer and founder of WURST, performance and artist space) Kim Lykke initially, focused on designing visual concepts artwork, record covers, posters, fanzines, flyers etc.  

In 1990, Lykke established his own graphic design studio Lucky7 . Since he has worked in close collaborations with artists, and professionals in a number of different fields. He has been teaching in institutions such as Danish School of Design, Royal Academy of Arts.

As a Philopher his work is related to a critical analysis of space and the processes and relationships between institutions, urban planning, aesthetics and architecture.