Eva Koch, Red poppies diptych (EK14)

Eva Koch, Red poppies diptych (EK14)

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Eva Koch, Red poppies diptych (EK14)

 inkjet print 111 x 64 cm diptych

It’s almost too beautiful. The red poppies in the wheat field swaying gently in the wind, the buzz of insects and birdsong. There is just time to wonder whether one can simply show beauty like that when an ominous sound short circuits the beauty with a red shock. A short circuit, and then the beautiful summer field is back again, but now one watches more warily, waiting for the screen to turn red once more.

The freezing cold snow can harm. It represent a higher power which delivers conditions that humans cannot control.

The two images are combined to form a third subject and a third essence that bears additional meaning between the two juxtaposed images


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