KIFI (Kirsten Dufour Finn Thybo) VILDNIS  (KIFI36)
KIFI (Kirsten Dufour Finn Thybo) VILDNIS  (KIFI36)
KIFI (Kirsten Dufour Finn Thybo) VILDNIS  (KIFI36)

KIFI (Kirsten Dufour Finn Thybo) VILDNIS (KIFI36)

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KIFI (Kirsten Dufour Finn Thybo) VILDNIS , 2023

woodcut, Printed on Kozo paper, signed, from a series Unique Artist prints (1/4)

136 x 100 cm

We have one print availiable framed with pine wood and acrylic glass,size ca.  149 x 116 cm. please contact us for price

On the “Nature“ woodcut series
The “Nature“ woodcut series explore and address issues as the transformative power of art and about reframing our relationship—and proximity—to nature.
KIFI are creating a synthesis in which meaning is created through the interaction of, and space between, text, color, woodblock and the handmade Kozu paper.
These woodcuts are not merely illustrative, nor are they as texts purely verbal descriptions.
Letters and script are used as design and pattern elements as well as conveyors of meaning art’s ability to provoke emotional, visceral responses to climate change

KIFI’s woodcuts capitalize on the medium’s potential for bold, flat patterns and rough hewn effects. The artists denies traditional notions of finish with their vigorous and unorthodox ways of making prints. The woodblocks are roughly cut rejecting the laborious craftsmanship and meticulous finish found in traditional printmaking, reveal the direct hand of their maker, perhaps through uneven inking or coarsely cut lines with the result that the final print is no longer perfectly and conventionally finished but rather a manifestation of ‘process’ or how it is made

Please note the motifs are generally placed uevenly on the sheet
printed on a 30-86 gsm Kozo paper, with deckle edges (the ragged or feathered edge on a sheet of paper)