Pernille With Madsen, If I back it up - TimeSlut Il (PWM02)
Pernille With Madsen, If I back it up - TimeSlut Il (PWM02)

Pernille With Madsen, If I back it up - TimeSlut Il (PWM02)

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Format ca. ca. 100 x 70 cm
Technique: Offset print
Printed on 100 gr. Munken Print White* paper

Edition: 100, signed and numbered by the artist

About the Timeslut series
In Pernille With Madsens work Timeslut series (2020), raster dot compositions, are originally painted freehand with a blue or black Penol 750 marker on paper  transforming objects into matrices of floating dots, that mimics photomechanical processes calling into question issues of reliability of the image.  With the “Timeslot“ series we want to explore the aesthetic, and not merely reproductive, potential of offset printing, not considering printing as a simple means of technical reproduction on paper, but rather of taking up and exploiting that something extra offered by the printing process.
Pernille With Madsen’s artistic practise, includes a broad range of architectural interventions, industrial materials, video, light and performance. Sometimes veiled and sometimes confrontational, the messages conveyed in her work raise serious questions about aesthetic, political, and social convention.
In  the “Timeslot“ series, Pernille  tries  to  evoke  and  control  not  just  the  actual  focus  of  the  receiver,  but  also  the  way  of  perceiving – the  mood –  which  is  not  directed  towards concrete objects as “feelings for”, but has to do with a general sensibility, and a way of  opening towards the  world.
The Penol 750 dots, vibrating as if in constant motion, is a perfect model for Pernille’s oscillating vision of reality and refusal to finalise image or idea.


Please note: These offset prints are printed on a 100 gr. Munken Print White paper. This very lightweight, frail paper can have som residue, traces from the production and handling. These traces is considered as an integral part of the final work by the artist.